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7th March Post

Colorectal cancer in younger individuals is a growing phenomenon and is a cause for concern. Within the ONCOSCREEN project, we explore associated risk factors, emphasizing the importance of prevention.

Studies show that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can elevate the risk of this form of cancer. Choosing a tobacco-free lifestyle and moderating alcohol intake are crucial steps towards a healthier life!

Lack of regular physical activity and a diet rich in fats can contribute to the development of colorectal cancer.

ONCOSCREEN is an initiative dedicated to early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer. It advocates for regular screenings to identify anomalies early, enabling effective treatment and increased survival rates.

It is vital that, as a community, we are aware of the risk factors associated with colorectal cancer in young individuals. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, moderating alcohol and tobacco consumption, and participating in screening programs, we can contribute to the prevention and promotion of a fulfilling and healthy life.

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