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Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)

ONCOSCREEN is part of the Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) cluster, focusing on a key objective of the EU Mission Cancer: prevention and early detection of cancer. Working together, these projects aim to amplify the impact of research results and promote a better understanding how EU-funded initiatives contribute to improving the quality of life for all European citizens.


MammoScreen Breast cancer
ThermoBreast Breast cancer
LUCIA Lung cancer
PANCAID Pancreatic cancer
DIOPTRA Colorectal cancer
ONCOSCREEN Colorectal cancer
SANGUINE Haematological cancers (blood cancer)

Example (Human): DIOPTRA –

Example: MAMMOSCREEN (human) –

Example 3: ThermoBreast – simplified list with the link to the projects. It also incorporates some elements of the Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) branding.

Cluster Synergies

From the start, the cluster has initiated a number of joint activities, which have been defined in a shared work plan for scientific collaborations and a unified strategy for dissemination and communication. Regular meetings, both in person and virtually, will be organised to strengthen commitment to the cluster’s objectives and to continuously update and monitor progress.

+ Dedicated Data Management working group

+ Define a common data management strategy

+ Contribute to the European Health

+ Showcase best practices

+ Map project activities

+ Engage in methodology and approach exchanges

+ Establish a Dissemination & Communication working group

+ Create joint print and digital materials

+ Implement a joint communication strategy

Organise workshops and webinars

+ Create educational resources and training modules

+ Engage citizens in research and innovation activities

+ Develop common ideas and a plan for reducing inequalities of care and improving access to cancer care

Prepare joint publications, research and position papers on cancer prevention and screening

+ Collaborate in presenting research results at major conferences and congresses