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On a Mission to Revolutionise CRC Prevention and Early Detection, DIOPTRA and ONCOSCREEN Mission Cancer Projects join forces


Two leading Horizon Europe Mission Cancer projects, DIOPTRA and ONCOSCREEN, are joining forces to address critical challenges in colorectal cancer (CRC) prevention and early detection under the EU Cancer Mission’s “Prevention and early detection (Screening)” Cluster. This collaborative effort aims to pool resources, share insights, and generate joint recommendations for policy-makers, ultimately contributing to a more effective strategy for CRC screening and prevention across Europe.

Knowledge Exchange on CRC Findings:

The collaboration focuses on exchanging knowledge regarding critical risk factors with potential prognostic value and behavioural change toward CRC prevention. By comparing findings from different methodologies, datasets, countries, and researchers, the collaboration aims to strengthen the credibility of common results. This comprehensive approach not only enhances CRC understanding but also lays the foundation for future research and potential clinical applications.

Joint Recommendations for Policy-Makers:

DIOPTRA and ONCOSCREEN will work together to develop joint recommendations for policy-makers based on the combined findings of both projects. Drawing on the extensive experience gained from EU-wide clinical studies, the consortia aim to present national and EU authorities with a unified strategy for CRC screening and prevention. This strategy, supported by cross-project dialogue, will be instrumental in developing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable services.

Expanding the Audience through Joint Communication Activities:

The collaboration extends beyond research and policy to joint communication activities. Leveraging the extensive collaboration networks of both projects, DIOPTRA and ONCOSCREEN plan to reach a wider audience through newsletters, social media posts, blog articles, and more. The projects cover a broad spectrum of EU countries, with DIOPTRA’s clinical studies spanning Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, and Spain, and ONCOSCREEN’s studies in 11 European countries from Lithuania to Portugal. This expansive network provides a unique opportunity to engage with diverse stakeholders and gather feedback from a broader audience.

Quotes from Project Leaders:

Prof. George K. Matsopoulos (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens), DIOPTRA Project Coordinator.

“We are excited about the potential of this collaboration to advance our understanding of colorectal cancer and, more importantly, to translate that knowledge into tangible strategies for prevention. By working together, we can have a more significant impact on public health across Europe.”

Anaxagoras Fotopoulos (EXUS AI Labs), ONCOSCREEN Project Coordination Team:

“DIOPTRA and ONCOSCREEN join forces to cross-fertilise synergies in the fight against CRC in a Europeanised manner as a testament to the power of collaboration for creating a bigger impact for European citizens. Our joint efforts will not only benefit our respective projects but also contribute into shaping colorectal cancer screening strategies at a European level.”


DIOPTRA, a Horizon Europe project, aims to revolutionise CRC screening via cutting-edge research towards a holistic, personalised and accessible method for early detection. The project plans to introduce an early screening and risk assessment solution for all citizens that considers risk factors and protein biomarkers to identify high-risk cases in need of colonoscopy. DIOPTRA is powered by a powerful consortium of 28 partners from 15 countries. Each of the DIOPTRA partners carries the background knowledge and have documented expertise on all necessary fields. For more information, please visit our website:


The ONCOSCREEN project responds to the challenge of creating affordable, accessible modern healthcare systems to offer new non-invasive methods for colorectal cancer screening and early detection. In close cooperation with other Mission Cancer projects, ONCOSCREEN aims to provide solutions for risk-stratified cancer screening programmes for citizens, an integrated diagnostic decision support tool for clinicians as well as intelligent monitoring tools for policy makers. The project will collaborate closely with national cancer mission hubs to facilitate policy dialogue on cancer and related research actions. For more information, please visit our website:

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Ivanna Katz, EU Project Manager, Carr Communications

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