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Unrecognizable female doctor holding graphic virtual visualization model of Intestine organ in hands. Multiple medical icons on the background.
Living Lab and oncothons

This Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, ONCOSCREEN is excited to launch of our Virtual Living Lab and the inaugural Virtual Synchronized Oncothon, running throughout March!

The Oncological Virtual Living Lab is an open innovation ecosystem that aims to foster the co-creation of innovative pan-European solutions to colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and early detection. It will incorporate lessons learned from the previous successful living labs in healthcare and collaborate with the ongoing CRC projects to organise four virtual hackathons.

The three priorities are the development of gender-sensitive screening, fostering a pan-European network for innovation and data handling, and to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration and co-design in European healthcare.

The series of virtual hackathons will bring together teams of patients, creative and thought leaders, researchers, and clinicians from different EU countries. Guided by expert mentors and judges, the hackathons will focus on developing practical, impactful solutions in the CRC field. The themes around which these solutions will focus include: 1) Improving patient experience; 2) Innovating diet and lifestyle solutions through digital tools; 3) Early CRC detection through raising awareness and education; and 4) Digital healthcare solutions for CRC.

The March hackathon focuses on enhancing the patient experience in colorectal cancer care. It aims to innovate in areas of patient comfort, understanding, and support, improving the overall journey for those undergoing CRC treatment and care.

Visit our Living Lab page to learn more about these events and how you can participate: Living Lab –