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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

AINIGMA Technologies B.V.


Brief Biography of Partner

AINIGMA Technologies brings together a team of biomedical engineers, medical doctors, and business consultants with a long track record in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for healthcare applications. The team of AINIGMA has been involved both in research and commercial projects from different roles via which we have gained valuable experience in development of AI algorithms. AINIGMA has gained experience in expert consulting, cognitive knowledge, and project management of large-scale European and national projects. The diverse background of the team members facilitates AINIGMA’s ability to identify and tackle real life problems for multiple perspectives and effectively promote exploitable results in the right market direction.

The vision of the team is to make the job of the healthcare stakeholders easier and more efficient. The realisation of this vision arises from the introduction of a set of AI solutions, exploiting big data analytics and machine learning techniques, which enable the provision of high-quality products and services.

Partner’s Role in ONCOSCREEN

AINIGMA’s main contribution focuses on the development of AI-based image processing models for detection of polyps with the use of real time colonoscopy images. Furthermore, AINIGMA contributes to the retrospective data analytics. AINIGMA is also involved in the development of the AI data fusion model that will be incorporated in the ONCOSCREEN Decision Support System.