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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Firalis S.A.


Brief Biography of Partner

Firalis is a French biotechnology company. Founded in 2008, it specialises in biomarker research and development and precision medicine tools in various fields. Firalis provides a comprehensive range of biomarker services, such as biomarker discovery, validation, evaluation, and qualification activities in clinical settings. Thanks to the experienced team and cutting-edge laboratory equipment, it develops and delivers solutions for biomarker assays, which are customised to clients’ projects. Firalis has contributed to numerous projects and conducted specifically designed clinical studies for biomarker qualification, such as CardioSAVE, HeartLinc, ADDIA, RabioPred, Pacific, and CoviRNA. Partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry have resulted in a high quality and reliability in the data they deliver. Firalis is certified ISO 13485 for the development of CE-marked assays, NFS96 900 for its biobank, and accredited ISO17025 for testing activities.

Partner’s Role in ONCOSCREEN

Firalis will contribute to the activities related to the identification of colorectal cancer biomarkers for the ONCOSCREEN studies and will create a clinical knowledge database. Firalis is also coordinating the clinical trials activities. This task will entail the design of the clinical trials and preparation of the trial application package, submission of the trial package to ethic committees, and monitoring of progress and execution of the clinical trials.