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Lietuvos Respublikos Sveikatos Apsaugos Ministerija


Brief Biography of Partner

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (MoH-LT) is a government department, which works across the health sector to ensure a high-quality, safe and equally accessible healthcare system in Lithuania. The Ministry bears a national responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle, address risk factors, and prevent diseases with the goal of creating an active and healthy society.

Partner’s Role in ONCOSCREEN

MoH-LT participates and contributes to the tasks that will examine steps and guidelines for adopting ONCOSCREEN solutions and methodologies at the national and European levels. MoH-LT will provide input on the European and Lithuanian regulation regimes, potential constraints, and Lithuanian health economics data for the ONCOSCREEN living guidelines. In addition, it will contribute to public awareness campaigns on colorectal cancer screening programmes.