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Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto 

Porto, Portugal

Brief Biography of Partner

The Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO Porto) is a highly distinctive organisation which is part of the National Health System offering specialised care. IPO Porto is a renowned medical research, education, and treatment centre for oncology. It has been treating patients with cancer and precancerous lesions since 1974, and its excellence in patient care is built in strong research enforcement. Over 45.000 people are presently receiving care from IPO Porto, which admits roughly 10.000 new patients annually. It has the largest radio-oncology/radiosurgery facility and bone marrow transplant unit in Southwest Europe.

Since 2004, IPO Porto has a research centre, CI-IPOP a research and development unit. CI-IPOP includes more than 200 members. CI-IPOP has several medical research and clinical groups along with a Clinical Research Unit with more than 150 active clinical trials. CI-IPOP activities are supported by IPO Porto’s Biobank and by the Early-Phase Clinical Trial Unit dedicated to investigator-initiated trials. CI-IPOP long-term objective is to understand pathobiological mechanisms of tumorigenesis and to enable precision oncology.

Partner’s Role in ONCOSCREEN

IPO is one of the clinical sites that will host the ONCOSCREEN clinical trials in Porto, Portugal. It actively participates in observational studies, identification of colorectal cancer biomarkers with the focus on the liquid-based screening technologies, retrospective data collection and analysis, and collection of end-user requirements. Furthermore, IPO participates and contributes to the actual implementation of the clinical trials.