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Pagalbos Onkologiniams Ligoniams Asociacija 


Brief Biography of Partner

The Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA) is a non-governmental umbrella organisation uniting 30 NGOs actively working in cancer field, including cancer patients’ societies and organisations, providing assistance to people affected by cancer. POLA also represents a community of 38 thousand individuals: POLA cardholders, bringing together cancer patients, who applied for POLA card membership and are registered in the POLA database. The association’s mission is to make all possible efforts to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. POLA aims to ensure that both patients and their families have access to effective treatment and would receive the best possible informative, social, psychological, and mental support.

Partner’s Role in ONCOSCREEN

POLA is leading a task on developing end user requirements and continuously adapting these requirements to end users’ needs. This task includes chairing design thinking workshops. POLA will also contribute with the cancer patient perspective to the task on the EU-wide uptake of ONCOSCREEN solutions. Furthermore, it will be involved in citizen awareness campaigns for increasing acceptance and awareness of colorectal cancer screening programmes.